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Jun 5, 2010



Useful links

Useful Links for Parents
Useful links

Useful links Information from Dr Martin Harris Circumcision Mohel in London on pregnancy, maternity units, childbirth, feeding, baby products, baby activities, baby development and learning.

mother and baby magazine 
National Childbirth Trust
Patient UK


General Health information

Advice on healthy living, first aid, illness and prevention. Helping you to make better health decisions. Get the facts about the top treatment options.Medical and health news keeping you up to date.
Breast feeding doctor Dr Sharon Silberstein
Tongue Tie doctor Dr Sharon Silberstein
Circumcision London

Medical bodies

These bodies provide help for patients. – Online Health Directory.

Royal Colleges

The colleges have a major role in medical education and professional standards: setting syllabuses for and overseeing the training, running examinations, organising courses and conferences, issuing guidance and conducting research. These responsibilities are set out in more detail for each college.
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health


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