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Circumcision Mohel London Clinic

Circumcision Mohel London

Circumcision Mohel London

Dr MARTIN HARRIS specialises as CIRCUMCISION MOHEL LONDON being doubly qualified:
1. Medical DOCTOR based at Temple Fortune Health centre, Golders Green, North West London.

2.Registered MOHEL on the list of registered Mohelim with the Initiation Society for Jewish religious circumcision known as Bris Mila  (Brit Milah).

Circumcision Mohel London

Circumcision Mohel London


Welcome! to Dr Harris’s personal website which is for families and medical doctors. This provides specific information about Circumcision Mohel london, and general health information for Mother & Baby regarding pregnancy and babies.

Circumcision Mohel London website explains what is Bris Mila, Brit Milah translated as being The Covenant of Circumcision between the Jew and G-d, mentioned thirteen times as being the Covenant of Circumcision between the Jew and G-d. The newborn baby boy, being fit and well, occurs on the 8th day (the baby’s day of birth is the 1st day; so a Monday baby will have a Monday Bris milah, and a baby born on Shabbos (not by caesarian section) will have a Shabbos Bris Milah. For any doubt on medical grounds, then postponement until the baby is fully recovered medically to return to full health.

Circumcision Mohel London (please see  About Dr Harris) explains that the service is performed by the Mohel (please see,Procedure & Care) who is also a registered member of the Initiation Society in Great Britain established 1745.  The London Beth Din (known as The Court of the Chief Rabbi) is the Ecclesiastical Authority and has issued a certificate shown signed by Chief Rabbi.

With the traditional ceremony of Bris Milah Brit Mila performed with skill and expertise, then follows the second part by naming the newborn baby boy (please see Naming the Baby).

Circumcision Mohel London





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