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Dr Martin Harris

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Doctor Martin Harris

Doctor Harris

Highly Recommended

With over 35 years of experience , Doctor Harris provides specialist baby circumcision. His premium mohel circumcision service is available in and around the London area, ensuring both mother and baby have the best possible experience.

24/7 Aftercare and Support

Why Choose Doctor Martin?

Family Doctor Martin Harris is a leading mohel circumcision specialist and comes highly reccommended. He is a fully certified member of the Initiation Society having been practicing Bris Milah-Jewish circumcision for over than 35 years. Dr Harris has the necessary skills and experience to perform the operation and use appropriate measures, including anaesthesia, to minimise pain and discomfort.
Safe and Reliable Surgical Care
Virtually Painless Procedure 
Under Local Anaesthetic
24/7 Aftercare and Support

Mohel Circumcision Specialist

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For more information or if you wish to book Doctor Harris, simply call on 07896 718812.


We cannot recommend highly enough Dr.Harris’s services as a Mohel. He is highly trained and will use every means possible to ensure a safe, clean and pain-managed Brit.

5 star


Dr harris was recommended to me by my local mohel, who said that he was a highly skilled and experienced practitioner and a good man.  Both of these turned out to be true

5 star

Lori and Zak

 We want to thank Dr Harris for his extremely professional and reassuring services in all aspects of our son’s Brit Mila. His professionalism and expertise were obvious at all stages – before, during and after

5 star


Dr Harris was meticulous in making sure was in perfect health before proceeding as he had a little cold for a couple of weeks. My son showed no sign of distress on the day or at any point after it. Excellent Mohel. 
5 star