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Jun 10, 2010





Melanie wrote Testimonial:
Absolutely delighted that Dr Harris did all the male relatives in our family, so was highly recommended. Dr Harris was meticulous in making sure was in perfect health before proceeding as he had a little cold for a couple of weeks. My son showed no sign of distress either on the day or at any point after it. Excellent Mohel.
Dr Harris was highly professional in carrying out the circumcision of my son. Following the successful procedure, Dr Harris made daily checks to over see the healing and provided us with excellent care and advice
With the birth of our first son, we wanted someone with experience and expertise who could circumcise our son. Dr Harris was just the man. His professionalism, dedication, compassion, care and superb service means that we will return to Dr Harris with any future circumcisions, should we have any more boys! Thank you, Miriam & Yosh


Dear Dr Harris

 We are not sure where to begin in our thanks to you, with our sweet little son’s Bris.

 From the very beginning you made time for us in such a way that you would never believe that you are a busy doctor, as well as our Mohel.

 Thank you for your recommendation to see a colleague- the reassurance he gave was really appreciated, and on a personal level he was a special individual to meet in his kindness and professionalism.

 It was a truly special Shabbos Bris!

 Your after care has been fantastic, and thank you for also seeing our daughter who BH is on the mend.

 We have every confidence in your continued care, and cannot thank you enough.

 We are lucky to have you in our Shul, community and as our Mohel.

 Please give our contact details to anyone wishing to speak to us directly,

 Best wishes


We were recommended to Dr Harris by my sister-in-law who had Dr Harris for her two sons. Dr Harris enabled us to follow the traditional Jewish route with confidence and calm. What I particularly liked the discussion before, also the post experience. –this was very important to me, and that any concern and we could could contact Dr Harris any time. Dr Harris lived up to his reputation. Dr Harris has my contact details, and I will be pleased to speak to you.

Tracey, Highgate
June-October 2012


Rabbi Shaul, Shabbos Bris

Dear Dr Harris
We would like to thank you for performing (our Grandson’s) Bris and for giving him such good care.
It is a very long time since our own son’s Bris.
Kind regards,
Mr & Mrs F (Grandparents)

Dear Martin
I am writing to thank you for all the support and encouragement you gave Rachel whilst in hospital and putting her in touch with an excellent locum. It really was very kind of you to visit her and the baby and we were sorry that you were unable to perform the Milah yourself being abroad on vacation. I have told Rachel to get the timing right for the next one and make sure it doesn’t coincide with your holidays!
Once again many thanks for your kindness-it is very much appreciated.
Best wishes to you and the family for the coming year,
With kindest regards,
Dr Charlie Zuckerman MBE FRCGP

Dear Dr Harris
We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for being the Mohel at the Bris of our son Tzvi, who B’H is well and thriving.
We remember how comfortable you made us feel throughout the whole process. We felt comfortable to contact you at any time and you were always able to offer us sound advice. As an added bonus, you made sure that any minor problems (eye infection, nappy rash, vitamin K) were treated early, so as not to interfere with the bris. As a result, we saved ourselves from visiting our GP.
At the bris, we felt assured and confident that our baby is in good hands and guests at our bris have commented on how smooth everything went. Tzvi came home fast asleep and was his usual happy self.
After the bris, you went out of your way to visit Tzvi at home (even on Yom Tov with your nurse). Your advice as a doctor was very helpful. Actually we still use the products you recommended for his skin.
We wish you much Hatzlocho and Nachas from all your family and may you continue to serve the community for years to come.
Best wishes
Yoel & Perla

Dear Dr Harris
Thank you for your efficiency and care in doing the Bris, you really put us at ease and we knew we could real on you for everything to go smoothly.

Thank you for the continued aftercare.

May we share many Simchos together in the future.

Kol Tuv


PS Enjoy the chocolate and thanks for your help to the home plumbing service!

Dear Dr Harris
We would like to thank you most sincerely for the care and concern you have shown to our little Grandson and his Parents. It was good of you to guide them on the route and performing his Brit Mila Circumcision last week. You were also the Mohel for our other Grandson’s Bris Milah some years ago. We hope to see you on some future occasion.
Yours sincerely

We were extremely happy with doctor Harris’s circumcision on our son. Not only was he exceptionally professional but he was kind considerate and supportive from before and after the event. We highly recommend him!

Jonny and Natalie Leiwy

Our Son was born with ‘Hypospadias’, a birth defect of the urethra, which we had never heard of and now understand it is becoming very common.

We had intended to have our son circumcised when he was new born and Dr. Harris came highly recommended at this critical time when important decisions had to be taken. Dr. Harris gave very helpful advice and guidance including suggesting a urology specialist.  When it came to our son having the operation to repair the defect Dr. Harris kindly came to the hospital and performed the circumcision at the same time as the operation. Dr Harris went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure everything ran with ease; he stayed in contact constantly before, throughout and after the procedure making sure everyone was OK and informed every step of the way.  Dr. Harris has a calm, kind demeanour and is a generous man; we are grateful to have met him and for how he helped us as a family.

We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to Dr Harris during what could have been an incredibly stressful time; if anyone has the same issue and would like to talk to us we would be only to happy to share our experience.

Kate and James, London

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Dr Harris to any parent wishing to have their son circumcised. At all times, Dr Harris has put the health of our son first. His advice, guidance and support have been clear, concise, informative, supportive and reassuring.  

Dr Harris carried out the procedure in a professional, hygienic and neat manner. Afterwards, Dr Harris gave clear guidance on aftercare, visited regularly and was always contactable by phone if we had any questions. 

Dr Harris was impressive and the combination between a Mohel with medical expertise gave us a reassuring, positive and happy experience.   

JHB, Hendon


Dear Martin
We are writing to thank you for the wonderful Brit you conducted and the great care you provided for our son.
We were so impressed with your hygienic as well as being pedantic about germs and infection. It is exactly what we were looking for.
We were very impressed with the extreme caution you took with the baby’s health. You did not commit a date until virtually the last moment in order to ensure the baby was not jaundice and well enough to perform the Brit.
You spent time with us, explained everything in the process (before and after the Brit), always welcoming questions, continuously called to check how the baby (and us) were and made us feel that we could call anytime of the day even at 2am if needed.
I am proud to say that the work looks good, within 24hrs we could see that our son was no longer in pain and it didn’t really bother him. Our son loved the hairdryer treatment which seem to have also helped with the little bit of colic he had (for unknown reason why)
We are so thankful for conducting the beautiful Brit service on Purim with a real sense of simcha. All our friends and family who attended the Brit commented how special it was. We believe this is largely thanks to you and your advice.
We will Definitely call for your help again (if it’s a boy) – not that the Mrs. even wants to hear about another baby (yet).

Sincere thanks and best wishes.
Sarah & Guy

We are from Israel working here, so when our Son was born we did not know who to advise for the Brit Milah but had only one recommendation to a doctor, but when we talked to him on the phone he said he does stitches and we wanted Bris no stitches, so he recommended Dr Harris who is a Mohel for Bris Milah and medical doctor for circumcision in London. While we were worried, we were very happy with Dr Harris and his care all the time. Baby is fine with good healing.

Asaf & Shiri

Dear Dr Harris
We would like to thank you so much for being a wonderful Mohel for our new baby boy Bris Milah (circumcision). Your attention to detail and genuine care both before the Bris, during the Bris on Yom Tov, joining us at the Seudah, and the wonderful aftercare has really been fantastic in every way.
May we always share Simchos together,
Shmuel & Abi.
PS We will reassure anyone concerned about the Bris -speak to us.

Thank you so much for doing the Bris Milah Circumcision of our son. For the vast majority of Jews- us included-it is only once the baby is born and arrangements are made that the importance, magnitude and seriousness of the Mitzvah become apparent. You have been for us as Parents a  source of absolute reassurance in your friendliness and confidence in your detailed explanation of what you were doing, excellent care, attention, and advice before, during and since the Brit itself, and evident concern for both the baby and his Parents.

While one baby is enough to keep our hands full for the moment, I hope we are blessed with more, and that you would do future Brises. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you.

Jon & Katie

Dear Dr Harris

We cannot possibly express our thanks for all that you did for us after the birth of our baby. You transformed the situation from one of darkness to light. From the first that you became involved, you moved mountains in order that the mitzvah should be performed properly in its right time. Everyone commented on how special the Bris was.

Your professionality, your unparalleled experience and your middos  hachessed expressed themselves in the clearest way and together with Hashem’s help everything fell into place perfectly. Seeing the results of the Bris now, one would never know how complex it was to perform.

We can safely say that without your immense help, the Bris would still be waiting to be performed, with agitated parents hovering around. We are sure that you will prosper in all your future endeavours given all the unique abilities and qualities that you possess. May Hashem bless you in all that you do and may the Malach Rephael continue to accompany you as you perform Hashem’s shlichus of being Rofeh Cholim.

with heartfelt thanks

Family Rose.

Dear Martin
We appreciate you performing our Grandson’s Brit Milah. The Parents were particularly grateful for all the support and advice you gave them in the days that followed.
Shana Tova from us all,
Henry Grunwald

Our son was born with hypospadias. As Orthodox Jews we were keen to have a Bris but we were told to wait until the hypospadias repair operation. For over a year Dr Harris kept in touch with us, and advised us about the urologists and the operations involved. Dr Harris is the only Mohel who is also an honorary consultant surgeon, so our son had a proper Orthodox Bris under his one operation. Dr Harris also came to the ward afterwards to do the naming ceremony, and at all times was caring and discreet- which is particularly important for confidentiality assured in a small community. We would highly recommend Dr Harris for his warmth and understanding, and also because our son had a proper Bris with Dr Harris which would have been impossible otherwise.
The Family

We cannot recommend highly enough Dr.Harris’s services as a Mohel. He is highly trained and will use every means possible to ensure a safe, clean and pain-managed Brit. In addition, Dr.Harris provided us with an amazing level of support both before and after the Brit. Due to some initial weight loss and then a number of minor ailments, our son’s Brit was not carried out until he was 5 weeks old. In that time Dr. Harris was in constant communication with us, advising us on what to look out for in terms of our son’s readiness. He even paid us a late night visit when we were concerned about our son’s health the night before the proposed date of his Brit (which was then delayed based on Dr. Harris’s advice). In short, you are in very safe hands with Dr. Harris, as he will not go ahead with a procedure unless he is absolutely certain the baby is as healthy as he could possibly be.

Dr.Harris’s after care was also amazing. He left us with detailed instructions on how to care for our son, and called every two days to check on his progress. Even now, over a month after his Brit, we know we could call on Dr.Harris should we have cause. If you want a Brit for your son carried out by a caring, medically trained and highly experienced professional, then go to Dr.Harris.

Dear Dr Harris

Thank you for your time and skill in dealing so thoroughly and sensitively with the Brit Milah circumcision of our son.
Most, if not all, of the attendees at my parents’ house commented on what a wonderful ceremony it was and my wife and I were very appreciative of the care and attention you gave to our son.
In point of fact he has continued to sleep as well after the circumcision as he did beforehand; a true “Harris Baby”!!. 

Our son was born with hypospadias. As Orthodox Jews we were keen to have a Bris but we were told to wait until the hypospadias repair operation. For over a year Dr Harris kept in touch with us, and advised us about the urologists and the operations involved. Dr Harris is the only Mohel who is also an honorary consultant surgeon, so our son had a proper Orthodox Bris under his one operation. Dr Harris also came to the ward afterwards to do the naming ceremony, and at all times was caring and discreet- which is particularly important for confidentiality assured in a small community. We would highly recommend Dr Harris for his warmth and understanding, and also because our son had a proper Bris with Dr Harris which would have been impossible otherwise.
The Family


Testimonials“As parents to four boys, Dr Harris has been an integral part of our Jewish family life. His calm yet confident approach to this early mile stone in our sons lives has always put us at ease at what is naturally a stressful time for any parent. Dr Harris explains thoroughly what to expect and his he is reassuringly in regular contact after the procedure. We are incredibly grateful to Dr Harris and would have no hesitation in recommending his services. The Marks family”



After it became clear that my son’s circumcision wouldnt be straightforward, dr harris was recommended to me by my local mohel, who said that he was a highly skilled and experienced practitioner and a good man.  both of these turned out to be true.  dr harris gave us all the time we needed and was very reassuring throughout.  he was conscientious, reliable and utterly professional.  while there’s no getting away from the fact that the whole experience was rather stressful and difficult, it was wonderful to know – without doubt – that my son was in the best hands.  I would happily recommend him to anyone.
OK, Brighton

Dear Martin
Thanks again for your excellent work and support.
Best regards
Johnny (Father)…Johny’s father wrote:

Dear Martin
Just a note to thank you for the way in which you looked after everything and everyone at yesterday’s Milah. It was a pleasure to meet you and to know that our grandson was in such capable hands.
with every good wish.

My husband and I were honoured to have Dr Harris perform the brit milahs on both our sons.  As we have an interfaith marriage, it was a daunting task to arrange the ceremony for my first son.  We were referred to Dr Harris who was friendly, approachable and supportive of our decision to have the brit milah.  He also helped us get in contact with the Beth Din who were also very supportive and assisted us with the religious requirements for the service.

Unfortunately, my first son, C’s brit milah was performed last year at six weeks following his birth due to complications that both of us suffered during the labour.  Despite the ceremony being performed at an older age, Dr Harris remained both professional and compassionate to our needs throughout the service.  His follow-up care was impeccable.

Our second son, R, was born this year and once again, we were thrilled to have Dr Harris perform the Brit Milah.  During the pregnancy, I attended the synagogue in East London on a few occasions and was able to arrange my son’s service to take place in the synagogue.  Dr Harris was more than happy to hold the Brit milah in the synagogue and co-ordinated with the Rabbi regarding the finer details of the service and ensured that a minyan was available for the morning.  Dr Harris performed a beautiful service which was even more moving as we were informed that this was the first Brit Milah to be held in that synagogue for the last seventy years!

Being part of an interfaith relationship can pose concerns or uncertainties regarding certain religious ceremonies, however, Dr Harris has always remained supportive of our choices.  Not only did he guide us in the spiritual and religious aspects of the ceremony  but he was thorough and diligent from a medical standpoint as well.  We are truly grateful to Dr Harris for his dedication and support over the last year.

Kim and Michael
London October 2012
As a medical doctor and mother of 3 children I can judge the experience with Dr. Harris as our mohel from both sides, from a parents and a doctor’s view and I can say we were very satisfied having asked Dr Harris for our second son. Dr. Harris came to visit us in our home twice before the bris to talk about proceedings in detail and to make sure our baby was healthy to go ahead with the bris. The bris itself took place on time and Dr. Harris premedicated our baby with paracetamol and emla cream. It was done quickly and our baby didn’t seem too distressed. After the bris he was only slightly unsettled for the first night but he was much better very quickly and didn’t seem to suffer from pain. Dr. Harris came to our house the same evening, phoned the next morning and did the change of dressing in the afternoon. Unrelated our son later happened to be chesty as well as an eye infection the following day which Dr. Harris took very seriously and besides making sure the healing of the bris went well he phoned twice daily and came to visit us for nearly a full week every day which we much appreciated. Because of my own medical knowledge I was able to keep a close eye on our son but it was even better to have a very experienced doctor to watch him closely as well knowing that newborns can deteriorate very quickly. Thank Gd our son is now 2,5 weeks old and his bris is healed beautifully and his eye and chest are fine. We have been very happy with the overall experience and would strongly recommend Dr. Harris as a mohel. If you want, please contact me, Dr Harris has my contact details.
Dr Sharon
Edgware December 2012

“We want to thank Dr Harris his extremely professional and reassuring services in all aspects of our son’s Brit Mila. He assiduously checked whether our baby and his mother were fit and well enough, and due to the presence of some mild jaundice delayed performing the Brit until our son was 3½ weeks old. His professionalism and expertise were obvious at all stages – before, during and after – and he did everything possible to provide us with the necessary information and understanding to cope with a wholly new situation, allaying any fears and apprehensiveness.


We particularly want to draw attention to the extremely conscientious and attentive aftercare he provided, through personal examination and regular phone enquiry for the following three weeks. In fact our son remarkably little and short-lived discomfort for the immediate 24hrs following the procedure, after which he was very much returned to his generally good form! Our local GP has subsequently commented that it is one of the neatest procedures he has seen!


Should anyone seek a fuller reference  from a parent’s perspective I have given Dr Harris permission to pass on our details on genuine request.


Thank you very much Dr Harris.


Lori and Zak.”
January-February 2013