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Reviews From Parents

Read some of the reviews Dr Harris has received from previous circumcision operations.

Testimonial 1


"Absolutely delighted that Dr Harris did all the male relatives in our family, so was highly recommended. Dr Harris was meticulous in making sure was in perfect health before proceeding as he had a little cold for a couple of weeks. My son showed no sign of distress either on the day or at any point after it. Excellent Mohel."


Testimonial 2


Dr Harris was highly professional in carrying out the circumcision of my son. Following the successful procedure, Dr Harris made daily checks to over see the healing and provided us with excellent care and advice.

Testimonial 3

Miriam & Yosh

"With the birth of our first son, we wanted someone with experience and expertise who could circumcise our son. Dr Harris was just the man. His professionalism, dedication, compassion, care and superb service means that we will return to Dr Harris with any future circumcisions, should we have any more boys! Thank you"


Testimonial 4

Tracey, Highgate

We were recommended to Dr Harris by my sister-in-law who had Dr Harris for her two sons. Dr Harris enabled us to follow the traditional Jewish route with confidence and calm.

What I particularly liked the discussion before, also the post experience. –this was very important to me, and that any concern and we could could contact Dr Harris any time. Dr Harris lived up to his reputation. Dr Harris has my contact details, and I will be pleased to speak to you.

Testimonial 5


Dear Dr Harris,

We are not sure where to begin in our thanks to you, with our sweet little son’s Bris.

 From the very beginning you made time for us in such a way that you would never believe that you are a busy doctor, as well as our Mohel.

 Thank you for your recommendation to see a colleague- the reassurance he gave was really appreciated, and on a personal level he was a special individual to meet in his kindness and professionalism.

 It was a truly special Shabbos Bris!

 Your after care has been fantastic, and thank you for also seeing our daughter who BH is on the mend.

 We have every confidence in your continued care, and cannot thank you enough.

 We are lucky to have you in our Shul, community and as our Mohel.

 Please give our contact details to anyone wishing to speak to us directly,



Testimonial 6

Dr Charlie Zuckerman MBE FRCGP

Dear Martin,

I am writing to thank you for all the support and encouragement you gave Rachel whilst in hospital and putting her in touch with an excellent locum.

It really was very kind of you to visit her and the baby and we were sorry that you were unable to perform the Milah yourself being abroad on vacation. I have told Rachel to get the timing right for the next one and make sure it doesn’t coincide with your holidays!

Once again many thanks for your kindness-it is very much appreciated. Best wishes to you and the family for the coming year,

With kindest regards,

Dr Charlie Zuckerman 

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