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Dr Martin Harris Initiation Society Certificate

Initiation Society

Dr Martin Harris is a registered member of the Initiation Society, the Anglo-Jewish organisation for Jewish circumcision Bris Milah (Brit Mila) established 1745. 

Dr Harris has been a registered Mohel Initiation Society since 1986 and has been practicing Bris Milah-Jewish circumcision for over 36 years. 

Brit Milah

Ceremony at A Bris Milah

Bris Milah Is the Jewish Initiation ceremony for Jewish baby boys and is considered an important part of a non Jewish male's conversion to Judaism. 

After the performance of Bris Milah, a ceremony usually follows the naming of the Baby ceremony. Families, friends and honoured guests are involved in the ceremonies:

  • Kvatterin (man) and kvatter (wife) are the couple who carry the baby in to the Bris room and following  the Bris, return to Mother. 

  • Chair of Elijah: Kisei shel Eliyahu the Man passes Baby from Kvatter, and places Baby onto the Chair of Elijah.

  • Miyad Hakisei the Man who passes Baby from the Chair of Elijah. 

  • Sandak (Sandek) holds Baby during Bris Milah. 

  • Min Hakisei  After Bris Milah, Baby from Sandek  to the Sandek Me’umod  (Standing Sandek) 

  • Mevareich unosein es Hashem Mohel makes two blessings after Bris Mila including naming The Baby. 

  • Sandek Me’umod (Standing sandek) After Bris Mila holds the Baby during blessings and Naming.


Sometimes several female friends and family guests are involved in the honour of bringing Baby from Mother to the front where the Bris Mila will take place. The last female friend or family or guest is the Kvatterin passes Baby to the Kvatter, who comes forward with Baby into the Bris Mila .

Then given to a man to be placed on the Chair of Elijah,

Then baby is taken off Chair of Elijah  and given to the Father.

The Father formally appoints the Mohel to perform the bris.

The child is placed on the Sandek’s lap.

The Father says one Hebrew Blessing while the Mohel performs the Bris.

Afterwards the baby is lifted off the Sandak’s lap and given to the Standing Sandak for naming ceremony.

....and baby is brought back to Mother by the Kvatter & Kvatterin.

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