CHANUKAH & DOUGHNUTS are associated. The miracle of the Jewish Festival of Chanukah occured from the miracle of the OIL BURNING FOR EIGHT DAYS. The tradition is to eat fried foods during Hanukkah in celebration of the miracle of the oil that kept a menorah lit 165BCE.

CHANUKAH & DOUGHNUTS are associated. Fried foods like and doughnuts (sufganiyot in Hebrew) and potato pancakes (latkes in Yiddish and livivot in Hebrew) are traditional Hanukkah treats because they are cooked in oil and remind us of the miracle of the holiday.

Also Dairy foods like cheese and blintzes have a strong symbolic connection to Hanukah as well, related to the story of Yehudis (Judith). According to legend, Yehudis saved the Jews by giving the enemy Chief Commander cheese and then wine. The enemy general, Holofernes, became drunk and slept, and then Judith beheaded him with his own sword. In this way, Yehudis saved her people and eventually it became traditional to eat dairy foods in honour of her bravery. A version of the story is often read on the Sabbath during Chanukah.

With thanks to Shoshana K for the freshly made doughnuts pictured-delicious!