Chanukah Trust-Emunah & Bitachon
Chanukah Trust-Emunah & Bitachon

The miracles of Chanukah occurred in the merit of the Hasmonean Family having trust- Emunah and Bitachon. The Hasmonean Family were from the cohanim, and the Hebrew letters for COHEN numerical value gematriya is seventy-five, the same as the numeroical value of the Hebrew word BITACHON meaning trust. They had bitachon, they trusted in Hashem and that is the reason they succeeded in this miraculous war.

What was the war that the Hasmoneans were victorious?
The Midrash Chanukah (quoted by the Rokeiach) relates that there was a Greek general called Gaskalgus (others say it was Bagris). He
had an enormous army of 10,800,000 soldiers (others say there were 600,000,000 soldiers). They arrived in Israel and found
twelve Hasmoneans (with a few others) prepared to battle against them.
Mockingly, the general said, “Fools! You are only twelve people, and you want to battle with my army, which is innumerable?”
At that time, the Jewish people raised their eyes to heaven and prayed -Trust, Emunah and Bitachon-and were successful in battle.